30x35 cm, medical thangka Buddha medical herbs

This painting is a medical thangka. The basic principles of Tibetan medicine were presented in 79 different roll paintings (thangkas). The typical Tibetan herbs are depicted. Each medicinal herb was given a Tibetan name and marked in Tibetan characters. The historical Buddha Siddharta Gautama often referred to himself as a helper against the sufferings of the world and his teachings were the healing medicine. Understandably, the transference led him to be regarded as a physician for physical diseases. The medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru is a manifestation of the historical Buddha. As a result, eight so-called medicine Buddhas have emerged, of which Bhaisajyaguru is the most popular and most respected.


  • dimensions with border:  30 x 35 cm
  • dimensions without border:  25 x 30 cm


The thangka painting was exclusively handpainted in Changu Narayan, Nepal, and its materials handcrafted. Its ideal place shall be in a naturopathy practice or other center of natural and herbal medicine.


Thangka No. 10, 30x35 cm, medical thangka Buddha medical herbs
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